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Our dog Bob having fun in our recreation field at Hendrifton

Bob's Blog

Hi! My name is Bob, I am in charge of my people here at Hendrifton Farm! We are very dog-friendly and welcome all dogs, I particularly like the ones that want to play with me! My people tell me that we welcome 3 little doggies, like me and Reka, or only 2 bigger dogs, like a proper collie or a labrador. We have blankets for the furniture, towels in case you get wet, an enormous safely-fenced field especially for doggy exercise and a meadow that leads on to a stream. I love the stream! I like to meet everybody, especially if they will play with me, and I have lots of personally tested recommendations for walks, beaches and dog-friendly cafes! You can keep up to date by reading my Bob blog!


16 May: My people are very excited because the scaffolding has been taken away from the cottages and they can make them look pretty again! I am excited because my friend Libby is still here, the sun is shining again and the towels have been put away! I do love my life.

13 May: Eugh, rain! The dog towels are back out again. I hope summer comes back soon.

11 May: I love this sunny weather, my people have spent lots of time outside so I have been out with them. I love to let them play with me when they are working, I think it reminds them of how much they love me!

5 May: My best mate Libby has come to see me again, my people tell me she is going to stay for a holiday. We're going to have so much fun together!

18 Apr: Spring is here at last! The sunís been shining, the dog towels have been put away and Rekaís been out sunbathing! I love it when I can spend days outside with my people.

13 Apr: Iím so lucky, I got to play with Lottie who was staying with her people on the caravan field. Sheís lovely! Sheís tall, much taller than me, and she can run fast too, but luckily for me she doesnít turn corners quite so fast as me so when we ran in the orchard she couldnít catch me. Sheís much quicker than me in the meadow though, her legs are so long she can easily run through the long grass! My people tell me Lottie will be back to see me later in the year 💕.

8 Apr: Oh, when will it stop raining? I donít mind the rain and I donít really mind the mud, but I really donít like being towel dried after every walk! Sometimes the towel is waiting for me when I come in from the garden too. 

23 Mar: I've had such an exciting day! My people took me on the train to Looe, I was a bit scared when it started moving because there were lots of noises but then I loved it. we walked from the train into the town and I had a run on the beach. Oh, and I met some lovely people who I am sure are now my fans!  On the way back on the train I wasn't at all scared and my mum put her coat down and I was allowed my own seat and the conductor said I didn't need a ticket!

21 Mar: My mate Libby went home today, I hope I see her again soon.

12 Mar: My people have gone on holiday to France with their people. I've been there before but I chased the horses so I think that's why they didn't take me this time. They weren't gone for long and even though I had my mate Libby here I did miss them - I was so excited when they got back.


7 Mar: My best mate Libby has come to stay! She was my first real friend and after all these years we still play chase together - but her legs are longer than mine so she can run really fast!

6 Mar: The sun is shining today and I had a great walk around the meadow and in my field! 

29 Feb: My people tell me that today only happens once every 4 years. I donít understand that.

24 Feb: iíve had such a good day. My people went to help their people in the garden so I Ďworkedí outside with them all day! I hunted, sniffed, played and chewed my way through the day. It was fab!

16 Feb: I have had such a great day! The sun has been shining and my people have been working outside so I have been with them! I did a bit of hunting (I pretend, Iím not very good at it!) and my people threw my flyer for me, itís my favourite toy!

14 Feb: Happy Valentines Day! I don't really know what it is but my people are showering me and Reka with even more love than usual!

30 Jan: It's been a beautiful day here today and we had a quick walk on the moor, it was quick, well short really, because Reka didn't want to walk far!

9 Jan: It's snowing! I love it when the ground is white and especially if it is soft and fluffy too! I've got my paws crossed!

1 Jan 2024: Happy New Year! I've been living at Hendrifton Farm for almost 7 years, that's more than half my life.