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Bob's Blog Archive


26 Dec: I love unwrapping presents and I don't mind if they are mine or not! I hope you have all had a fun time like me!

25 Dec: Happy Christmas everyone!

14 Nov: Winter is here! I have been outside helping my people replace some fences, I don't understand why they get annoyed when I drop the ball in the holes where they are trying to put the big sticks.

6 Nov: My peoples people have arrived with Yaris and Happy. I love it when we all run in the field together, but I don't like having to be towel dried when I come in doors.

12 Oct: My people are being so nice to Reka today, they sang Happy Birthday which was very odd but apparently it's 10 years since she was born!

18 Sep: My mate Libby is back! We ran and ran and ran around the meadow, it was so much fun. I wish my little legs were longer though, I struggle to catch up with her! Reka didn't join in, she just sat and watched us!

8 Sep: I've had such a good day today! Me and Reka were in the meadow with our people as they were making hay ... but they kept throwing my frisbee for me, sometimes I wish they would stop so I could go hunting but I think they like it!

2 Sep: I've had such a great summer with so many lovely guests and lots of dogs and children to play with! It's a little quieter now though and I thought there was a lovely little ginger and white dog on the CL on Sunday ... but then I realised it was a CAT. It made me jump! I don't like cats. Don't tell anyone, but they kind of scare me!

24 Aug: We had 2 sheep on the front lawn today and me and Reka had to stay in until they had been moved, I'd rather hoped I could help.

17 Aug: My people tell me we have guests who live in Australia and that's a long way away! They seem to love me though, they think I'm cute! Take a look at that facebook thingy for some evidence!

13 Aug: My mates Yaris and Happy have gone home today, I almost feel like an only dog again!

12 Aug: We had such fun at Golitha Falls today. Me and Yaris swam in the river, I lost my stick but found it again down stream but then Yaris tried to steal it so we played tug of war with it. He won one and I won one. Phew. I love Golitha Falls, my people say that next time we will walk there from Hendrifton Farm and we'll have lunch at Inkie's too!

7 Aug: Harumph, the dog towels are out again!! I love summer!

29 Jul: I'm such a lucky doggy, I have so many fans who come on holiday to (visit me at) Hendrifton Farm! Now the holidays are here there are  children to play catch with, dogs to play chase with, and lots of big people to entertain me too! My mate Dylan has been and I met new mates Fred and Dougal, we all played chase together!, then I'm hoping to play catch with Monika and Benas and then my people tell me that Yaris and Reka will be here soon too! Oh, and the weather has been great so no dog towels in sight! Happy days!

18 Jul: I love Cornwall but I was sooo tired after today. We started with my usual walk and play around the meadow, then we went to Inkie's for breakfast (yum yum!) and my people drove us to a place called Geevor Tin Mine where me and Reka were given a dog biscuit each in the cafe, then we visited Cape Cornwall, it was windy and I posed on the wall for a photo, after that we all had fish and chips watching the surfers at Sennen Cove. I'm not sure I got my fair share though! After all that me and Reka slept on the back seat all the way home. When can we go again?!

8 Jul: Seaton Beach again! I barked a lot when my people went into the water, I don't like swimming! We had great fun running on the beach though.

7 Jul: Wow, my mate Libby has been here for a few days so we've had a great time chasing each other in the meadow, and then my people's people arrived so Yaris and Happy are here too, they don't play so much though!

3 July: We had a mini-holiday! Me and my people, oh and Reka of course, we had a night away at Rame Head. It was lovely! We watched the boats and ships near Plymouth and we explored the villages of Kingsand and Cawsand. We had a great time but I was pleased to get back to my meadow ... but Dave the bee-man was checking the hives with one of our guests when we got back so I had to wait a while before I could play!

29 June: Summer is definitely here and my mate Libby has arrived! We have such fun running around the meadow - she's a fast runner but her cornering is not as good as mine!

7 June. Rain, rain and more rain! We had a walk but not much playing outside today. I hope it is better tomorrow!

1 June: The odd creature is back on the CL, the hard shelled thing my people call a tortoise. It still scares me but I try not to let it show!

28 May: Deer deer deer!!! My people tell me that the scent I follow in the meadow is a deer. I haven't seen it but my people have and lots of guests have too. I wonder if it will want to play with me?!

23 May: Summer's coming! We've had some great weather and I have been keeping the guests entertained! My people have been doing lots of work outside so I get to spend whole days with them while they're working; I've been playing, hunting (unsuccessfully!) and waiting ... for them to play!

20 May: Fish and Chips at the seaside! We wandered through Looe to Catch, where they serve the best fish and chips and we took them up to Hannafore to eat them. My people share theirs with us but I don't know why we're not allowed our own serving!!  After dinner we get to walk and play on the beach. I love the seaside.

25 Apr: I've been able to rest for a couple of days. My people's people and our guests have kept me really busy with ball and frisbee play. I love it but I am a bit pooped - don't tell my people, they might make me rest more, they sometimes mention that I am getting old!

13 Apr: We've been busy!  Guests in the cottages and in the caravan field; I love guests especially those who play with me! My people have done lots of gardening which means me and Reka get to spend whole days outside! Reka sunbathes and I play. It's great! I love that I live at Hendrifton!

2 Apr: Brrrr, April snow showers today, it's been cold! Of course, it didn't stop me playing with my mate Libby when she arrived today! More of our adventures another day!!

30 Mar: I love our guests, especially if they play with me! But I wasn't sure about one of our visitors today though, my people tell me it is a tortoise. I don't know what that is but it scared me! I stayed well away from it and let Reka investigate! She survived, but I'm still not going near it!

19 Mar: I'm in the dog house! My people left some toast on the dining room table and it smelt sooo good ... so I got on to the table and helped myself. I even cleaned the plate. My people were not very happy but they love me and it did make them laugh. I didn't get any dinner though.

11 Mar: Wow, where has the past month gone! We've been having so much fun ... we've walked on the moor, at the beach, had a very windy walk at Cape Cornwall, and a sunny one at Trelissick gardens, we've found a toad, and played in the field and garden, we even got to meet some guests and then my people's people arrived with Yaris and Happy ... but today we all went to see Tracey the Groomer! I love Tracey, I give her lots of Bob-kisses and she gives me lots of attention and some treats, but I really don't like having a bath! Or a blow dry! And I smell so sweet now. Don't worry, I am sure it won't last long!!!!

12 Feb: We had our first walk of the year at Golitha Falls. Why did my people wait so long to go back, I love it there! Lots of dogs to play with, hills to climb, rocks to scramble over and a river to play in - but I wasn't brave enough today, it was flowing very fast!

2 Feb: It's still white outside and it's bright and sunny! We went to the moor today. It was quite busy so I got to play with some other dogs and ran, a lot! It was hard work when the ground gave way and we fell into the snow, at least I didn't fall as far as Reka, my people had to lift her out ... she was not happy! But it was really funny. I think there is evidence on that facebook thingy.

1 Feb: My people were really excited because the snow is still here. They took us on a walk to the lake and then back through some moorland. I loved it! The ground is so soft and fluffy! Reka didn't seem so happy but I think that's because her legs are too short.

31 Jan: The grass has gone white again. My people call it snow, I call it fun!

17 Jan: My people tell me we have lived at Hendrifton for 2 years today. I donít really understand but I do love my life in Cornwall. There are so many places to visit and new walks to experience. We went on one today, it was fab - and we got to lay in front of the fire at the pub after the walk! Iíll tell you more when I see you! x

5 Jan: Seems like my people are on a health kick! Today we walked all the way around Stowes Hill and got to see The Cheesewring stones from the other side. It was so much fun but we were a bit tired by the end.

4 Jan: We walked all the way around Siblyback Lake today. It was great fun ... until I chased the geese and then I was in the dog-house!

1 Jan: Happy New Year to all my readers! My people tell me that summer will be here soon and we will soon have lots of guests again. I love summer but I love our guests more!

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