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Bob's Blog Archive


29 Dec: Another day, another muddy walk. Is it summer again soon?!

25 Dec: Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for all your greetings. I was having so much fun that I almost got lost under a pile of wrapping paper!

19 Dec: Have you seen my Christmas cards ... I'm famous!!

9 Dec: My people took me to Lantivet Bay today. It was fab! Only about 30 minutes in the car and then we walked through fields with sheep and rabbits, lots of stinky stuff to roll in (well I had to stop smelling quite so nice, didn't I?!) and then we reached the beach. I was in doggy heaven!

8 Dec: A walk on the Moor again. It was a bit chilly in the wind, even for me!

1 Dec: Whoohoo, I thought, we're off out for a walk! What lovely people I have! A lovely farm, loads of places I can explore and get muddy and I might even find some stinky fox to roll about in. I'm such a lucky doggy. Wait, NO, I recognise that smell, this isn't playtime, this is the groomers!! Not only did I get a short back and sides, I got loads of treats and in return I gave Tracey lots of Bob-kisses. In case you have forgotten, evidence of how pretty handsome I am is on that Facebook thing again.

11 Nov: I love exploring! First to the DaBara bakery and then for a great walk on Carne beach. I have so many favourite beaches now!

5 Nov: I had such a fab weekend! My people went to stay in Plymouth so I went to stay with Tilly in Granary Cottage. It was lovely! Warm and cosy and we had so much fun playing together in the field. Come back soon Tilly!

29 Oct (pm); They must still love me, I was allowed a late walk at Golitha Falls.

29 Oct: My people have had a few days working in the garden and they love throwing the ball for me. Why oh why oh why did I blow it by rolling in fox poo (again)??! Hmm, it smelt soooo good. A bit of foxy smell remover and a cold shower for me. Harumph!

23 Oct: What a fun weekend we have had. My peoples' people celebrated what they call their Golden Wedding, that seems to mean they have spent 50 years together. How many?! I don't understand it really, but it did mean I got a new mate, a big dog (you know I like big dogs, right?!), well, Yaris the golden labrador stayed for the weekend. We played in the field, I taught him how to chase the fox scent and to get really muddy, he tried to chase the ball with me and then he stole my sausage toy. His people said he doesn't like toys. Harumph, he liked mine!  My people will put the evidence onto that Facebook thing.

19 Oct: My peoples' people arrived. I know what that means, woof woof,  I have an in-house ball thrower! Whoohoo!

13 Oct: I got into trouble, can't think why. All I did was dry off and sleep on the freshly made guest bed. Was that cover white?

4 Oct: My people took me to a new beach at a place called Charlestown. So many rocks to climb over! They took me into the Shipwreck Centre too - who knew me and my doggie pals would be allowed in there!

30 Sept: What a view from the Cheesewring! And so many rocks to climb on! I didn't like the herd of ponies on the way back though.

19 Sept: Was it something I did? My dad has gone away to something called Oktoberfest.

17 Sept: My people took me to Cardinham Woods (not far in the car today). We had a long walk and it was great fun. And I got to finish their ice cream cones!

15 Sept: Uh-oh! I'm in the dog-house. Plans for lunch at The Hidden Hut came to a sicky end as I was poorly in the car - all down my dad's leg. He pretended he didn't mind but I am sure I know the truth.

12 Sept: A new mate! Rocky has arrived for a holiday with his people. We had a great play in the field today.

3 Sept: Day of rest! I have been soooo busy with visiting children (they never stop throwing my ball) and dogs (my mate Libby is back, and Hattie was here, and Patches is here - she's not much fun though), I really needed the rainy-day-rest today! Phew!

28 Aug: It was hot today. I still ran a lot and then I went for a swim in the stream. I looked quite white when I came out!

26 Aug: I got in to trouble today but only because I jumped over the garden fence to visit my guests in the caravan field! It was worth it as I had a great time!!

25 Aug: My people love me! Mum got me new lamb treats- yum yum!

23 Aug (eve): We found a lovely new beach or two. Pendower and Carne - they are two at high tide and one at low tide. I had a fab time. I love the beach.

23 Aug: I got mail today! I had some great fun last week with Mo and Brea the Border Terriers and they wrote to me to say what a great time they had! They are clever doggies, I am good at licking stamps but I need to learn to write too.

16 Aug: I had a bath. Hurumph!

15 Aug: I found some poo to roll in. Why don't my people want me near them?!

8 Aug: Children, children, children. They love me!! The boys in Granary Cottage and the children in the caravan field all asked to play ball with me. It made me a bit tired but I tried not to show it. Same again tomorrow?

6 Aug: My people took me to St Ives and Land's End. I got to eat fish and chips on the beach at Sennen Cove.

2 Aug: I love my job - I have so many dogs to meet and lots of children to play with! I do wish the sun would shine so the dog towels could go away though!

15 July: My mate Libby has gone home. I miss her already. Come back soon Libby!

13 July: Two beaches in one day (Holywell and Crantock) and afternoon tea in the Duchy of Cornwall cafe where Libby and I were allowed the shortbread biscuits. Yum.

8 July: Having so much fun playing in the garden with Libby. I wish she lived nearer.

6 July: Swarming bees! I had to stay in the house when the beekeeper was here, I missed out on all the fun! My people say the pictures are on a thing called Facebook.

26 June: So many doggies to play with ... I love summer!

16 June: Another sunny scorcher today! Have been in the stream to cool off - twice!!

11 June: Lucky me! Golitha Falls again. An evening walk and a nice swim with some great sticks to chase. I wish we could go there every day!

9 June: We went for lunch a walk, at Golitha Falls. I had a great time. I love Golitha Falls!

4 June: Seaton beach again! Whoo hoo. I swam, played with the ball and chased some seaweed. It was fab!

19 May: WOW, wow, wow!! Watergate Bay, Holywell Beach and Perranporth Cliffs all in one day. It was such fun but I was so tired by the end!

17 May: Well, THEY had cake but I didn't get any. A nice man came up and gave me a dog biscuit though and a lovely lady said hello, so I gave her a Bob-kiss!!

17 May: Off to Golitha Falls for a walk this morning, that might mean cake at the cafe and they are sure to drop some, accidentally just for me!

12 May: We found a creature in the garden today! My people tell me it was a toad, it wasn't much fun!

1 May: It's raining, doesn't stop me, I love it, but the dog towels are about again.

22 April: Seaton beach- Woof woof, it was fab! Why did my people wait so long to take me there!

6 April: We had an adventure today! We walked to Golitha Falls, saw hundreds of motorbikes on an Charity Easter Egg run, had lots of doggy play and then walked home again. Oh, and I had a splash about in the stream. I was so tired when we got home but I still managed some ball play.

11 April: Loving the weather, I don't remember the last time I had to be towel dried!

2 April: We walked all the way around Siblyback Lake today. I saw fishermen, boats and canoes, met lots of dogs and had an ice cream!

23 March: Wow what a day! I was best dog and got to carry the rings when my people got married! AND we went to the BEACH!

7 March: I went to the Eden Project today, had a great time exploring outside, with lots to see even though I wasn't allowed into the Biomes.

20 Feb: Day trip to Penzance and Marazion today, bit windy but great to see another new place. Puzzled by the car-boat-thing, my people tried to explain how it works but I'd rather chase my ball.

18 Feb: Had a busy few days! I took my people, their visitors and their visitors' little people over Bodmin Moor, exploring at Golitha Falls and rockpooling at Hannafore beach. It was great fun and I really needed my nap on the way home in the car!

2 Feb: Hello, Bob here! My people recently moved to the wonderful Hendrifton Farm when Max's people went to live in Norfolk. I'm having a great time exploring all the places that Max told me about, and he has even left me a few toys and balls to find-thanks Max!

1 Jan: Happy New Year to all my readers!

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