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Bob's Blog Archive

2023 and into 2024

16 Feb: I have had such a great day! The sun has been shining and my people have been working outside so I have been with them! I did a bit of hunting (I pretend, I’m not very good at it!) and my people threw my flyer for me, it’s my favourite toy!

14 Feb: Happy Valentines Day! I don't really know what it is but my people are showering me and Reka with even more love than usual!

30 Jan: It's been a beautiful day here today and we had a quick walk on the moor, it was quick, well short really, because Reka didn't want to walk far!

9 Jan: It's snowing! I love it when the ground is white and especially if it is soft and fluffy too! I've got my paws crossed!

1 Jan 2024: Happy New Year! I've been living at Hendrifton Farm for almost 7 years, that's more than half my life.

25 Dec: Wow! So much paper to rip up and play with. Did I tell you before that I love what my people call 'wrapping paper'? I've been especially excited that inside the paper I've found treats and toys all for me (well, some toys are meant for Reka and Happy but they don't play with them so they must all be for me!).

20 Dec: I am so excited! My friend Lily is coming to see me. She doesn't bring Dougal with her so I get her all to myself.

19 Dec: I had a great walk on the moor yesterday. It was lovely and I was allowed to run and play and as there weren't any sheep or cattle or horses nearby I didn't need to go on the lead at all!

7 Dec: Wow, it's been raining A LOT today! My people took it in turns to walk me but I had to go out each time. I love my walks but even I don't like walking when it's raining really hard. Lucky Reka was allowed to stay on the sofa this morning but she did have to come for an afternoon walk.

1 Dec: It's that time of year when my people bring a tree indoors and they put lots of lights and decorations on it. They even put balls on it but I'm not allowed to play with them. I don't understand it but I don't mind either as it means that soon I'll have lots of paper to play with! I love wrapping paper!

2 Nov: It's been so windy here today, I don't like the wind, my people said it's Storm Ciaran, whatever that is!! Anyway, my people took me for a walk around Hendrifton Farm (aka 'The Estate') to check for storm damage but we didn't see any. Reka was allowed to stay on the sofa, I think she was pretending to be asleep.

1 Nov: We were groomed today. I love Tracey but I don't like to be washed and brushed and dried! She doesn't talk to me until she's finished because if she does then I think it's time to play and she gets distracted if I try to lick her ears!! (Do you know, I love to lick ears, they're even better than Bob kisses!

24 Oct: My people had a friend to stay so we had a walk on the moor yesterday and then today we went for breakfast at Olive and Co at Siblyback Lake, my people said it was delicious! After breakfast we went for a walk all way round the lake. It was Fab!

12 Oct: Happy 14th Birthday Reka! I was an only dog with our people for almost 3 years and I loved that life but I love life even more with you in it! We’ve had 5 and a half years together already!

4 Oct: My people tell me that we’re almost at the end of what they call ‘the season’ and I’m not really sure what it means but I think it means that less of my fans will come to visit me. That makes me quite sad. I love my people but it is nice to see my fans too!

15 Sept: I had pasty crusts for lunch. I love pasty crusts and one day I'd like to try a whole pasty, hmm, I wonder if my people will let me.

9 Sept: We had a great walk at Newbridge today. I love it when we go there as it's not too far in the car and there's a river and lots of sticks! We met my mate Bobby (now that can get confusing as some people call me Bobby and some people call him Bob, but it works ok) and my people's people were there with Happy. It was fun! I played in the river and it was soooo refreshing I didn't want to get out so I played a game - I drop my stick, watch it float in the water then I run to catch it again! I had to swim a couple of times and I'm not too fond of swimming but I sometimes the water gets too deep for me and I have to swim!

27 Aug: I've had a really great summer but it feels like autumn is almost here. It was so cold this morning I had to run just to keep warm, I know I love to run so it doesn't really matter, but it was chilly! My people's people and their dogs went home too so we're all a bit sad again but my people tell me that we have lots of guests to look forward to next month so we're not on our winter rest time yet!

24 Aug: I'm having such a great summer! There are so many dogs and children who want to play with me and some lovely adult guests who want too as well. They do keep me busy but I love being Hendrifton's Entertainments Officer!

12 Aug: I feel quite sad today, my new mate Hettie (who I have to say, had a bit of a crush on me) has gone home. I loved running with her and her legs are littler than mine so I could run faster than her! She was good company though and I was very impressed that she could sleep on the back of the chair. I wish I could do that. Hopefully she’ll be back to see me again soon.

8 Aug: Wow! I love my life and I love welcoming people and their dogs to Hendrifton Farm. Now I've got doggy fans as well as human ones! Jen is staying on the caravan field and she runs with me every day, then yesterday my people's friend brought Hettie to stay and we all had a run around in my field today. Even the misty rain and being towel dried didn't matter today!

31 Jul: Ugh, I really don't like being towel dried and it's happening almost every day! Bring back summer, please!

28 Jul: My people have got visitors who are staying in our house. I don't mind as it gives me extra people to play with. I especially like the one called Lily, she really loves me as she lets me give her Bob kisses. Don't tell my people, but they also give me treats under the dinner table.

20 Jul: The sun is shining and it looks like I won't need to be towel dried after my walks today!! It's a changeover day though so I won't get to be outside very much. I love guests but I wish my people didn't spend so much time getting the cottages ready, don't they realise they could be entertaining me instead?!

15 Jul: my people tell me that I have lived with them for 8 years, that's almost 3000 days! I am very pleased that they found me at Dogs Trust, I liked it there but not as much as I love being at Hendrifton Farm. I'm especially pleased that I have my own field, it's called Bob's Field, and I'm happy to share it with our guests.

30 Jun: I love guests! We have lots of people staying here at the moment and most of them love to play with me, some of them even like it when I give them Bob kisses.

26 Jun: I'm not sure what happened but my favourite person has a white thing called a plaster-cast all over her arm, and I know it's not her leg but she doesn't seem so keen on walking me at the moment. I hope it doesn't last too long!

2 Jun: I love summer!! We've had such good weather that I've been outside with my people every day and I'm allowed to play in the stream to cool off and I don't need to be towel dried! Maybe we'll go to the beach again soon ...

8 May: My people tell me that we'll be full with guests again soon and that's really good because I love to meet the guests and entertain them. I love to drop my ball at their feet and wait for them to throw it, and then when I get tired I like to lie on my back with my feet in the air so I can have a tummy rub. I hope to see you soon.

5 May: I've been so busy! We had lots of people to stay at Easter and since then my people have been doing lots of work outside so I've been allowed outside on my own most days. Well, when I say "on my own" I really mean without Reka! But sometimes my people have let me play in the meadow while they're working in the garden, that feels like I'm on my own!

6 Apr: I've had a great day playing outside today while my people have been working and I got really excited to see more fans (guests) coming to stay on the caravan field!

4 Apr: We had such a good time at Hannafore today. My people had fish and chips for tea so me and Reka were allowed some too. I love Looe and Hannafore, I think you should go there when you come to stay with us.

3 Apr: My people told me today about their friend called Yvonne who always asks after me and says she loves to read my blog. I haven't met Yvonne yet but hopefully I'll be able to meet her and give her licks someday soon. If I'm good she might play with me too.

30 Mar: I'm so happy, we have lots of people here for their Easter holidays. My people's mate Richard is here too and he gives us lots of treats!

3 Mar: The last of our half term guests leave today and I'm quite sad because I love seeing people and playing with the dogs. My people tell me that soon we'll be busy with guests again but in the meantime we'll be doing lots of work outside so I won't get bored! I love days when we work outside.

17 Feb: I've had such a fabulous week. We've got people staying in each cottage so I've had fans to play with. We had a great day on the beach and we went up to the lake for a walk and then breakfast in the cafe - but it was raining sideways so we didn't walk far! Breakfast was delicious though! My people recommend that you try the cafe when you stay with us.

11 Feb: Have I ever told you that I don't like cottage changeover days? I can tell when it is one because my people carry baskets and bags of stuff (I don't know what it is but it goes out and then it comes back in  to be washed) over to the cottages and then they are busy so they don't play with me and even worse than that, I have to stay indoors for most of the day! I much prefer outdoor days.

6 Feb: It's a beautiful day today so we're working outside again. Reka will stay on the sofa because it's cold outside but I love it. My people tell me that  next week the cottages will be busy when some of my fans (guests) come to stay. I love my fans.

4 Feb: My people have been working outside recently so I've had such a good time with them. I'm allowed to explore the meadow and my field, I can try to catch moles and voles and mice - don't tell anyone, but I've never caught anything (except a ball)!!, and when I feel like I want some company then I take my ball to my people so they can play with me.

13 Jan: I've had a lovely day today. I had a lie in while it was wet and windy this morning and then my people took us for a walk on the moor when it was almost sunny this afternoon. I had such a fun time. There weren't many sheep or cows or horses near where we walked so I ran and played with the ball (it was very cold when I had to get my ball out of the water though). I did have great fun chasing a crow too - I haven't done that in ages!! Then, when we got home my people gave me and Reka a new bed to sleep on. It's really fluffy and soooo comfy. I might have an early night!

4 Jan: I'm sad today because the presents have all gone and the brightly lit trees are being taken down. I love having a tree in the house and I promise I didn't do anything to it! My people tell me not to be sad as it won't be many weeks before my fans (they're also guests, you know!) start to visit again. I'm really looking forward to that.

1 Jan 2023: Happy New Year!

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