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25 Dec: Wow! Didn't know I had so many friends! A pile of pressies just for me!

15 Dec: I'm just loving this advent calendar thing - an extra treat every day!

27 Nov: The guvnor has a monster bonfire. He keeps yelling at me to keep away. I'm not stupid you know.

12 Nov: New walk at North Hill. Unless I'm much mistaken, great new smells of cow pat and fox poo with just a hint of squirrel.

31 October: Ah yes, a misty murky Halloween. I quite enjoyed being the 'mini' Beast of Bodmin Moor !

4 October: I'm in trouble for eating horse poo. Personally, I don't see a problem. Isn't it organic?!

18 Sept: Siblyback Dog Show! I got a 1st in 'Best small sporting dog' and a '4th' in 'Best looking small dog'. 4th?? I was robbed....!

9 Sept: Yum Yum, I get the last of their ice cream cones at Seaton Beach. Think I prefer 'vanilla' to 'tiramisu'...

18 August: Fab walk at Porthcothan Beach. Lady M and the guvnor have a sumptuous picnic feast. I get a dog chew. Harrumph.

12 August: I think the guvnor has sunstroke (or one too many drinks). He is larking about at sunset in the garden.

1 August: Its the holidays! See you on the beach! I'll be the one chasing a stick!

20 July: Lady M's Birthday! And its a big one! Er, not 40, and not 60. Oh dear, I'm in trouble now......

10 July: Summer is here! Cracking walk at Downderry. I just love rockpooling on the beach and having a swim.

24 June: Leave? Remain? Look, stop watching the telly, I just want to know if I'm going to get a walk today.

12 June: 1pm: Guvnor gave me a lunchtime treat.... 1.10pm: Lady M did the same. They should talk more often ! Heh Heh ! Its a bogof!

27 May: Phew what a scorcher! So hot, I feel like I'm in the Med. Scuse me, off to find a shady spot.

15 May: Methinks summer is here! Swimming at Downderry, and chewing on my favourite seaweed!

2 May: I've been so hungry today. Lady M gave me some carrot sticks. Nice crunch, dodgy taste. I'm no vegan !

23 April: I'm back online ! Just my luck, just had my summer haircut, and there are dire warnings of an Arctic blast.

10 April: Doghouse. I had a fox poo moment, and am in trouble. Excuse me if I lie low for a bit.

29 March: What has a little dog got to do to get some sleep? 'Storm Katie' rudely woke me up at 0300, and that was that....

19 March: Polkerris beach: Ran into the sea a few times and wondered why I had hypothermia. Wrap  me in towels and take me home!

12 March: Just for the record, I really hate the hoover. It always appears, loud and brash, when I'm having a snooze........

26 February: I saw a dog on Seaton Beach juggling 3 balls and a stick. Labracadabra!

11 February: Epic Walk ! From Watergate Bay to Porth on the cliff path, and all the way back on the beach! Walktastic!

4 February: Official ! Cornwall has the most people in England who are satisfied with their lives! (BBC survey) And I am the happiest dog !!

23 January: A blissful sunny walk on the coast path at Portwrinkle, then victuals at the dog-friendly Jolly Roger café. Pillage and Plunder !!

6 January: Blimey, its actually gone cold! The guvnor's turned the heating up (always a grudging exercise for him)

25 December: Yippee, a Christmas walk at Seaton Beach! Then back home to tear open my presents!

22 December: I'm dreaming of a DRY Christmas. I'm sure I'm coming down with a nasty case of paw-rot.

14 December: Bit of a pea-souper on the moor. No matter! Lady M has bought me a green flashing dog collar. I am a little lighthouse!

1 December: Wahey! I've got an advent calendar! Choccy delights for the next 25 days!

27 November: I just don't understand why I can't get in the car with them every time they go out. Do I smell?

19 November: Its official - winter's here - the guvnor put his bobble hat on today to take me out.

12 November: Why do I keep getting told off for drinking out of muddy puddles?

29 October: Its wild outside! My plans for the day? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

14 October: Mmm, another sunny day and they had ice cream, so I can lick the pot. You can't beat a bit of chocolate and vanilla Cornish!

27 September: Phew, what a scorcher! We climbed to the top of the Cheesewring, and I needed a swim afterwards to cool down!

16 September: Mmmmmm, think I've been conned....was that a treat or was it my worming tablet?

3 September: Crikey - several wild ponies charged across the moor, very close to me. Just for a moment, I admit I was terrier-ified!

26 August: Most of the time I'm a sweet natured chap.....but when the postie comes, I just can't help myself...

14 August: Lady M not at all pleased with the guvnor after a challenging walk at Whitsand Bay. Me? I had a blast !

3 August: Lovely walk on the Roseland meeting my fan club. Several very nice people said they would like to take me home!

26 July: Hmm, back on the old food, me the guvnor and Lady M back on the sofa together, its great being an 'only dog'!

19 July: I have been put on some new dog food. Judging by the space I am being given on the sofa, the after effects are spectacular.

5 July: Regular readers will know of my seaweed fetish. What joy at Seaton today, with various gourmet treats left by the high tide!

24 June: Oh how I love the Black Rock beach café near Looe. All the staff make a big fuss of me! Can we go again tomorrow?

11 June: Que esplendido! Some Alpacas have arrived on the neighbouring farm! I need a sombrero to make them feel at home.

3 June: The guvnor thinks I can't count. He put 3 treats in his pocket and only gave me 2 of them.....

22 May: Its been a tough old week. Non-stop meetings (guests), Action Plans (walks) and Entertaining (family). I need a holiday.

13 May: Good Grief! The guvnor and Lady M walked a ridiculous distance on the Roseland Peninsula today. I'm off to bed......for a week....

7 May: I am officially a floating voter. I don't see much in the manifestos about small dogs. What shall I do?

24 April: Yess!!! The guvnor and Lady M took me to the secret beach!!! What a great doggy day !!! (I'll tell you about it when you check in)

15 April: I have discovered I like hummus! Was allowed to lick out a nearly empty tub. Must explore more middle-eastern recipes....

7 April: With apologies to the Beatles, Hey Bude, you took a great day and made it better! Sunny romp on the beach and cliffs!

2 April: Mmmmm, yummy, chips and some battered sausage in Looe. I must have been a very good boy.......

26 March: Its Spring! A Cuckoo? No....Frogspawn? No....Bluebells? No again....The guvnor has taken the winter cover off the camper van!

20 March: Wow! Saw the ecplise! (I was told not too look, but couldn't help peeking) Anyone seen my shades?!

8 March: If you were watching very carefully, I'm certain I was an accidental 'extra' on Poldark tonight (cliff-top scene!)

27 February: Aaarrghh, its off to the groomers! What's wrong with my shaggy look anyway?

14 February: Valentines day walkies on my favourite dog-friendly beach at Seaton. (sigh) I think I fell in love at least 3 times today...

1 February: Whoa !  Loads of cold white stuff! Where can I get snow shoes for dogs? Its cold on my paddy paws !

21 January: Cor, what a lovely day. Sunny romp out on the moor, birds singing, and I've found a lovely stick for my collection.

1 January: Happy New Year! (hic)

25 December: What a day! I've received loads of lovely toys and chewy things! Merry Christmas to all my readers!

15 December: Crikey! A tree has appeared in our dining room covered in lights! Odd, 'cos the guvnor normally goes round turning lights off..

1 December: Wahey! I've got my own Advent Calendar!  Day 1 produced a little dog choc, yummy. Er, can I open that big one called '25'?

23 November: A 3 hour trek through Seaton Country Park, along the beach to Downderry, and back again. I've only got little legs you know...

5 November: Yikes, I remember this from last year. Bangs and flashes going on. If I'm needed, you can find me hiding under the duvet...

22 October. Hmmm, Lady M has bought me a 'winter jumper' for colder outdoor days. Actually, when glancing in the mirror, it suits me !

9 October: Crikey! Autumn has arrived. After a very windy day yesterday, I am now up to my shoulders in fallen leaves....... 

30 September: The guvnor and Lady M took me to lunch at the very posh Talland Bay Hotel. Sea views and doggy treats = Happy Max!

15 September: Er, please pass me the Gaviscon, I think I've eaten something I shouldn't have out on the going for a lie down.

7 September: Went on a hot date with Chloe the Schnauzer to the Eden Project! Yes, dogs are allowed everywhere except the domes!

2 September: Today we were The Lighthouse Family! Fabulous hike around Trevose Head. Ah yes: We could be lifted, Ocean Drive etc etc

23 August: Wahey! Bella the Cockapoo is back! Phwoaarr, she's gorgeous. Must dash, got to get myself handsome....

15 August: Up to the Cheesewring today. What views! I'm sure I could see the whole of Cornwall.........

3 August: Today, I was startled to learn about 'naturists', on a beach near Downderry. I am pleased to report that the guvnor kept his kit on.

27 July: At Lantivet Bay, I taught a water-shy pup to swim! The owners were most pleased. If you are interested, my rates are very reasonable...

20 July: Dreamy summers walk to the Gribbin. The guvnor + Lady M climbed the Tower (a nice NT warden guarded me). Then great sea swimming!

6 July: Ridiculously long tramp around Pendennis point today. I've only got little legs you know. I need a lie down.

29 June: I just heard somebody say that the nights are drawing in. Whaaaat? Will I get my daily romp at the moor/beach/woods??

14 June: I have discovered that I am quite partial to Cornish strawberries. Can you pass the cream please?

2 June: Had my summer haircut today, what a relief! Now if you don't mind, I've got some serious sunbathing to do......

21 May: Ahoy there shipmates! I went to sea today! Well, on the Cremyll to Plymouth ferry anyway. What a lovely day out!

16 May: Oh dear, Lady M came home with the car full of plants. The grumpy guvnor spent all afternoon digging holes to put them in.

7 May: Harumph. They went to a restaurant for lunch, leaving me in the car. I ignored the 'bribe' doggy chew in silent protest till they returned.

29 April: Scorchio! Me and my chum Pepper nearly got a tan while on Par Sands. Anyone seen my shades?

20 April: Happy Easter! Our guests have baby Oliver staying, and I gave him the customary Max welcome. I'm sure I tasted porridge.

16 April: My chum Lanson left Field View today. I like running around with him very much, but oh my, he is so much faster than me.

12 April: I had to go on a refresher course in my role as Guest Relationship Manager....Hendrifton Farm is full !

29 March: Yippee! Went to one of my favourite places, Watergate Bay ! Ball-throwing fest until I could run no more.....

8 March: Phew, what a scorcher! Hotter in Cornwall than Corfu and Tenerife today ! I need an ice lolly......

3 March: Daffs are blooming, birds are singing, the storms have gone and I'm out digging ! (I'm a poet and didn't know it)

16 February: Glorious sunny day, off to the seaside! After walking miles and miles on the Coast Path at Whitsand Bay, gone for a lie down...

8 February: The wind is very strong - I'm glad the guvnor had me on a lead, because at one point I thought I'd been cleared for take-off !

2 February: Oh dear, a BIG telling off for chasing several pheasant in the woods. Cut me some slack fellas, I'm very good most of the time....

24 January: Lady M has ordered me a new toy - a cuddly Polar Bear which arrived today from 'Amazon'. I thought they lived at the North Pole?

12 January: Piddledown Didda? (That's Cornish for 'Was it raining heavily?') Answer: Not half ! Got soaked on the Moor !

1 January: Happy New Year to all my readers ! Er, and can someone give me a hand with the glass re-cycling?!

21 December: Hey fashionistas ! Santa has sent me a bright red 'Ho Ho Ho' bandana ! The babes on the beach are going to love it!

8 December: Crikey! A big fir tree has been dragged into the dining room, and Lady M is messing about with lights in an alarming fashion.

24 November: A chilly walk on Sharptor. The guvnor wore his silly hat - a sure sign of approaching winter.

15 November: On the moor, and six wild ponies thunder by me! Lady M yelling at me to 'sit'. Calm down dear, I know what I'm doing you know.

5 November: Honestly, what a racket. I'm kept indoors while monstrous whizz bang noises reverberate around the garden. How childish.......

19 October: Daymer Bay, tide out, miles of golden sand dunes........I felt like Lawrence of Arabia.  Camera! Action !

2 October: After a rain-drenched walk on the moor, I had my usual shake in the kitchen, and was rebuked for 'twerking'. Wassat?

25 September: I think there was a deliberate ploy today to tire me out with a ball throwing fest in our field. You know what? It worked....zzz

6 September: Sun still shining in Cornwall! Had a great picninc on Downderry beach - tide going out so loads of rockpools to explore.

24 August: William and Amelia are back, and they've brought Bella, a gorgeous black 'Cockapoo' - what a babe! (But she ran rings around me)

14 August: Apparently I am now the 'Guest Relationship Manager'. Is there no peace for a little dog? Had a busy day greeting people !

6 August: A day out in Fowey. Great excitement, as apparently Richard Branson was in town with 'Virgin Atlantic Challenger 2'. Richard who?

26 July: Er, a spot of bother on the moor while chasing a rabbit. Lets just say Lady M gave me a good wigging when I returned 10 minutes later.

15 July: Doesn't the guvnor know I don't do mornings? He gets me out of bed for a 'lovely early walk in the hills'... Harrumph, back to bed.

11 July: Phew what a scorcher! So hot, I asked for an ice lolly (one of those rocket ones). See the Hendrifton facebook page for a photo!

1 July: I had my 'Chariots of Fire' moment today, running in the shallows on the huge beach at Par Sands. I'm sure I heard that Vangelis music...

24 June: Haha, fooled the new postman into thinking I'm a big fierce dog. I grabbed an envelope as he was putting it through the letterbox.

15 June: Beachy day at Watergate Bay. I like the look of this surfing lark. If you know anyone who does lessons for dogs, please let me know.

6 June: Royal Cornwall Show! The way I was led directly to the 'Dog Show' tent made me think I'd have to do tricks in public. Happily not !

21 May: Haircut ! Aaarrgghh! Why do they douse me in lily and lavender? Give me 'damp woods' or 'salty breeze' anyday. Because I'm worth it.

10 May: Saw a sign 'SWCP'......Serious Walk, Come and Play? Er no, apparently its 'South West Coast Path'. Anyway, it was great !

3 May: Beach Party ! After my stick & seaweed fiesta at Downderry, the guvnor and Lady M had lunch at the Inn on the Shore. I chillaxed !

20 April: Friends staying.The guvnor took us on a ridiculous yomp around Dodman Point. Me and my chum Pepper the Dalmation were knackered !

15 April: The young twins, William and Amelia, did such a nice card when they left Granary today. I loved running around with them!

6 April: Little George gave me a bright orange ball as a leaving gift ! (His dog Dilys had a green one which I also fancied!) Sad to see them go...

2 April: Big adventure in Boscastle! Lady M was shouting at me as I scampered up the cliffs. I swam, chewed seaweed, chased gulls.....heaven.

24 March: Wahey ! Oscar and Alfie are here again ! I believe they are Airedales. Must be a breed of horse, they are much bigger than me.

13 March: Spoke too soon ! More of the white stuff has arrived !

22 February: Spring is in the air! Dog owners making bookings ! Until they arrive, I'll make do with chewing my impressive collection of sticks....

10 February: Oh, I do love the beach! Today: Talland Bay . Lots of doggy chums and ball chasing. I even got a treat at the cafe afterwards.

22 January: Great excitement, a load of cold white stuff covering the ground. Not good for little dogs, it seems to me.

1 January: They didn't go to bed till very late last night, and its VERY quiet round here today. Am I going to get a walk?


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