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Bob's Blog Archive


25 Dec: Happy Christmas everyone! I love Christmas, there is so much wrapping paper for me to play with and rip apart, I don't even mind whose present it is!

22 Dec:  My people tell me that Christmas will be here soon and I will be able to open the presents that are under the tree. Some of them smell so good I know they must be for me and I LOVE unwrapping!

16 Dec: My people tell me it's almost Christmas and that's why there are trees in the house. I have been very good this year just in case any one needs to know! It's been quiet around here but I am allowed to play in the caravan field and I don't have to go on the lead so that's a good thing! I hope you are all well.

22 Nov: Oh I am very sad today. My people told me that Hendrifton Farm's First Dog, Max, has died. I didn't spend much time with him but he taught me to lay on the stairs so we could see outside and he told me so much about my responsibilities at Hendrifton and where the best hunting places are and how much fun it is here and how I'd love it as much as he did (I was a bit nervous before we moved in!). We still think of him often, especially when I lay in his spot on the stairs. We love you Max. xxx

2. Nov: I feel sad today as all the guests have gone home and my people tell me we won't see any for a while. I love guests and I really do think they come here just to see me! I hope I see lots of you again soon!

8 Oct: We had a great walk all along the lane to Siblyback Lake and then we walked around the lake to the dam and back across the fields to home. We had a great time and even Reka enjoyed it! You should try it!

17 Sep: It's still summer here and there are so many fans who are still coming to see me. My people tell me that lots of them are coming to see me again next year too!

8 Sep: I love days when I can be outside all day! my people have been working in the orchard so I've been able to run and play and chew sticks all day! Don't worry, I still have time to welcome my fans when they come to stay!

24 Aug: I've been so busy! SO many fans have been to see me, I've played with lots of dog pals, lots of children have played ball with me, I've even been to the beach a few times. I love the beach, especially if I have children to play ball with when I'm there, oh, and I love exploring the rock pools too. I am such a lucky doggy.

23 July: I'm resting today. Harumph. I haven't seen my fans and I have only been allowed a walk on the lead. What?!!! My people have put the collar of shame away and my paw looks like it is getting better!

22 July: My people and their friends went rock-pooling at Hannafore beach and I was allowed to go with them as my people said the salt water would be good for my paw. It hurt and I didn't run like I usually do but I had great fun.

21 July: I've been having so much fun playing with my fans but today I hurt my foot. Ouch! I jumped for the ball and somehow cut myself. I stopped and held my paw up for my people so they could see, there was red stuff, my people called it blood. It didn't really stop me playing though but it did hurt. I like to lick it but when I do that I hear my people talk about the collar of shame and that doesn't sound good!

9 July: It's raining again but I don't mind as I love to play whatever the weather. It looks like my fans don't mind either as they still talk to me and play with me, and they still go out lots too! My people tell me we'll go to the beach again soon ... but they haven't said when!

4 July: Wow, lots of my fans have arrived!! My people tell me that they have come on holiday but I am sure they have come to see me!

29 June: Yaris and Happy have been here all day today and my people's people have been working outside to make it all look fabulous when the guests are here. We spent all day outside in the garden, the cottage gardens and in my field. It's been a great day and I am a bit tired now.

27 June: My people tell me that we will soon have guests here again. I love guests and especially if they adore me and play with me! It can get a  bit boring when I only see my people.

18 June: Uh-oh, the dog towels are out again! It's been raining and raining and raining all day today but I know my people love me because they took me out to play! I love play, and I don't really mind being dried afterwards, but I really don't like the wet dog smell that follows me around everywhere!

17 June: My people went to see their people and they took me and Reka with them, we haven't been out for months and then we've had 2 car trips in one week! We had a great time and my people laughed a lot because Reka fell in the pond while she was trying to eat the fishes food!!

15 June: Woohoo! We went to the moor today. Haven't been there in ages and I have really missed it. We didn't get to go to the pub afterwards but my people tell me that hopefully we'll be able to do that again soon.

30 May: It was a really hot and sunny day today and I had another day playing outside all day while my people worked. They sometimes work hard and that means they don't play with me but I can usually distract them (I'm learning all sorts of ways!) - I can drop my ball in their way, or I can lay really close to them so they have to step over me, or I just speak at them (they don't seem to like that one), or if I wander off and they can't see me then that always gets their attention. I like it best when they sit and rest and me and Happy can rest with them, they're the best times!

26 May: My people's people dropped Yaris and Happy in for a play date, it was fab! We ran around the meadow, Yaris tried to get my ball and sometimes I let him - I'm generous like that!, we played in the stream and then chewed our sticks in the field. I love summer.

12 May: I am really sad as my people tell me that we will not be able to welcome any guests (or as I call them, my fans!) for a while yet. I love my people but I need to see other folks too. I hope I'll have lots of people to play with again one day. x x x

3 May: Well, sorry for my silence, I've been everso busy keeping my people occupied during this lockdown thingy. I don't really understand why they are not going out much and I really miss my visits to the beach, and the moor, and the pub, and I don't understand why the cottage doors are locked and the white boxes on wheels have been staying away so I have no new people to entertain! I hope we will be able to welcome guests again soon.

14 Mar: We had a long walk on the Moor, it was with a group of people and me and Reka stayed on the lead so we didn't get in the way! We found all sorts of places we can go back to in the summer.

14 Feb: Happy Valentines day! We went to Millendreath beach so my people could help collect rubbish off the beach, I don't understand how it gets there but there was lots of it, even some sticks for me to play with! Then we went to Summink Different for lunch, it's one of my people's favourite places and I like it too as when they go there I get to go to the beach!

1 Feb: We had a lovely walk on Bodmin Moor today. It was a bit cold and quite windy but I got to run and explore ... and then my people took me into the Cheesewring Pub where I entertained some of the other customers! I really want summer to be here so I can play catch with lots of Hendrifton Farm guests!

4 Jan: We had an afternoon at Hannafore beach where my people and there people took part in the beach clean and me and Yaris were able to run and play in the rockpools; Happy and Reka had to stay on lead as they are no so well behaved as me!!

1 Jan 2020: Happy New Year everyone! I'm looking forward to another year at Hendrifton Farm, I hope you'll come to play with me soon.

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