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Bob's Blog Archive


27 Dec: In my excitement I forgot to tell you that my people's friends took us on a new walk on the moor. It was amazing! I ran up the hills, and down again, I jumped across the stream (loads of times), I explored old buildings and holes in the ground, I looked at sheep but didn't chase them, I even got to play catch at the end of the walk. It was so good that we'll tell you all about it when we see you. Oh, and we popped into the dog friendly pub afterwards!

26 Dec: The presents have been unwrapped and I have lots of new toys. I am such a lucky doggy.

25 Dec: Happy Christmas everyone!

23 Dec: I am not sure what is going on but there is a real tree in the dining room, lots of bright lights and all sorts of brightly coloured paper packages; I don't know what they all are but some of them smell like dog toys!

3 Dec: Wow, it's windy today! Had a great run on the Moor and a trip to the pub afterwards - they had dog biscuits and a roaring log fire so me and Reka were happy!

1 Dec: Did someone say Christmas? I got an early present - 3 (yes, 3!) new Chuck-it balls arrived for me and one glows in the dark so I can play all day and all night!!

19 Nov: My mate Libby came to stay, she's my best mate and we had so much fun running and playing in the enclosed field and the meadow! My people did tell us off when we played chase through the wood and I came out a bit muddy. Libby long legs was ok but my little legs got dirty, not bad enough for a bath though! We had a great walk across the fields to Siblyback Lake and we came back near Golitha Falls, we were only out for an hour but it was fun. Then another day we had a long walk at the beach, Downderry that is so we didn't have too long in the car. And we had cake in the cafe! I'm quite sad that she has gone home. Please come back soon.

17 Nov: I am so lucky as I have other dogs to play with for a few days. I'm already looking forward to summer when there are new dogs and children to meet every day and I can be a proper guest relations dog. Summer will be here soon, won't it?

5 Nov: We all had a great time on the moor today, a really long walk by a lake. It was great! But I heard my people mention that they hope it makes all tired so we sleep through any loud noises tonight! Let's hope so!

1 Nov: My peoples' people have arrived and that means my mates Yaris and Happy are here too. Woohoo. it's playtime!!

12 Oct: Storm Callum has arrived!! My people have got the fire going already, Reka is refusing to leave the sofa and I think I'll be doing lots of indoor play today.

10 Oct: More work outside! Clearing trees, digging drains, more clearing trees ... I have been allowed to stay outside for hours, just playing while they work!! It's going to look good.

5 Oct: I love it here. My people have been working outside and we have a pond - soon it will have water in it and I am sure I will be able to sneak in for a swim! Shhhh, don't tell them!!

17 Sept: Bees, bees and more bees. I had to stay in the garden when the Hendrifton Hives were set up. It's buzzing here now!!

13 Sept: We had a great day out, first to Seaton beach for a run and play, then to a place called Rame Head for a walk on the lead, my people said it was in case I chased a bird and ran off a cliff, whatever that is! Then we went to Cawsand and Kingsand where a lovely man gave me some of his pork scratchings! It was such a fun day!

31 Aug: What a great afternoon! My people and their friends and their friends' children all had fish and chips at Hannafore Beach. Me and Reka had a few leftovers (yum yum!) and then I had a run on the beach, a bit of a dip in the sea and a bit of rockpool-exploring too! Reka just watched me in amazement, or was it puzzlement?! The children explored the rockpools too and they found time to throw me the ball!

26 Aug: My people tell me it's almost the end of the summer which makes me sad but there are still lots of children for me to play with at the moment so I am having great fun! I love play! I have had great adventures too, we walked across the Moor to a place where my people and their people had a swim in the cold water of the lake, I just paddled at the edges, it was freeeeeeezing! Oh, and we went to a cafe at Downderry, it was ok and I got a tennis ball but they seemed to only have vegetables. Hmmm, I don't understand that!

11 Aug: I've been so busy but it's raining today so time to catch up!! It's hard work being Guest Relations Manager and Chief Ball Catcher, particularly in the summer. I have had such fun playing with all the children, I've played with Amy, Benas, Charlie, Ethan, Evan, Evie, Hannah, Henry, Joshua, Linus, Martha, Monika, Mathilda, Sauvik, Scarlett, Sophie, Sophia and Stephen. Phew! I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, please let me know if I have, it doesn't include any of my adult fans either!

25 July: It's a wonderful summer and I had such a good time yesterday playing ball with the children. More again tonight ... hopefully!!

20 July: I have fans here again!! All the cottages have little people in them so I have 5, yes 5, children who want to play ball with me. Sometimes I even get to lick their ears and hopefully they know that it shows how much I love playing with them!! I love life at Hendrifton!

17 July: We had a great day out! We went to Porthcurnick beach where I cooled down in the sea and explored the rock pools and then my people had lunch at The Hidden Hut. It's not really hidden, it's close to the beach, but the food was yummy and they welcome doggies like me and Reka. My people tell me we will go back soon ... I wonder if I will get my own doggy dinner next time.

5 July: My people's people are here again and with them came the dogs, Yaris and Happy. We all had a great time in the stream - the evidence should be on that Facebook thingy.

4 July: I am officially a high-jumper! I have learnt how to leap the garden fence so I can go exploring when I feel like it. I wonder what my people will do about it, they surely won't want a higher fence ...!!

28 June: It's another Cornish Scorcher! I'm so lucky we have a stream to cool down in. I love it!

25 June: We did it! We went to the beach and it was fantastic! I love love love the beach ... I played with the ball and I almost swam in the sea - did I tell you, I am not a good swimmer? I love to paddle and run in the water but my four legs are meant for running and jumping not swimming! My people tell me they have put some photos onto Facebook; I still don't understand what that is but it shows me to the world (almost) and I love that!

22 June: Summer is back again and the forecast is looking good. My people tell me that they are taking us to the beach - yippee, I love the beach.

20 June: My people did it again ... they took us to the groomers when we thought we were going for a long walk. I didn't mind too much, I gave Tracey, the lovely lady at Groom With A View, lots of loving kisses and ear-licks!

8 June: We had a great time at Golitha Falls today - that's me and Reka, along with her daughter, Happy (yes, she is really called that), and Yaris, the retired Guide Dog. We ran and swam and chased sticks. Then we went to the Cheesewring Pub for dog biscuits - did you know they have them on the bar, and they are free, and they give out big handfulls!!

3 June: All the children have gone home now so just my people and their people to play with me. I hope the children come back soon, they are so much fun!

28 May: It seems like summer is here and I love summer! Fields to run in, long grass to hide in, a stream to cool down in, lots of doggy pals to play with and sometimes I am allowed ice cream to cool down with! It's a great life at Hendrifton Farm.

24 May: It's so exciting here at the moment! We had visiting pigs on Wednesday but my people quickly found their people and they went home again, and then yesterday we had a swarm of honey bees which the Bee keeper, Dave, came to collect; he thinks we might be a good location for a bee hive ... think of all that honey. Yum yum!!

19 May: I hear there is a Royal Wedding today. Hmmm, not sure what that is but I hear my people talking about Pimms and a barbecue in the garden. I think that will me sausages for me and Reka.

18 May: What lucky guests we have - the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temperature is hot, hot, hot - they can join me in the stream to cool off if they want to!

13 May: My people went on a trip to Looe Island (they said it was wonderful) but they don't allow dogs so we went to stay with Brydy for the day. We had such fun!

9 May: We had a day out! We explored Porthkidney beach, which was huge!, and then we had fish and chips at Sennen Cove and then another walk on the beach. No wonder we both slept all the way home. Can we go again tomorrow?

7 May: We've had some great weather and some really friendly guests. I think Reka is trying to take my place as Guest Relations Manager but I keep telling her she is health and Safety; is there enough attention for us both?!!

1 May: Summer's here! I love summer ... it means visitors, and more visitors, lots of play, maybe some treats and if I am really lucky, I might just be allowed some ice-cream! We must go back to Inkie's at Golitha Falls, I've heard they have special dog-friendly ice-cream. Yum yum!

28 Apr: Fun on the Moor again - I love exploring! Lots of tiny lambs to see too and I am such a good boy, I barely look at them. Thank goodness I was sheep-proofed!

15 Apr: The children have gone home but they said they would be back soon. I was a bit sad but then my mate Libby arrived, so now I have a dog to chase! She has much longer legs than me and runs so fast so it is a bit tiring!

8 Apr: The sun is out and summer will be here soon. There are children in the cottages, dogs in the cottages and children in the Caravan field too! Had doggy play with Ozzy and Poppy this morning (Reka just watched) and had great fun trying to catch the flying ring-thing with the family on the CL this afternoon - they were good at catch but they let me join in too!

7 Apr: My mum made something called Vegan Scones, she was very pleased and said that she might try to make doggy scones next. She said I will be chief tester, that sounds good, doesn't it?!

5 Apr: I have new fans friends, Freya and Frankie, they played catch with me for ages today. I loved it! And I love people, especially children!

31 Mar: I'm so excited!! More guests have arrived and they have children who want to play with me. I promise to be well behaved!

29 Mar: Getting ready for Easter. Everyone gets chocolate except me and Reka ... my people tell me it is bad for doggies!!

28 Mar: My people's friends have arrived, I have a live-in ball thrower again. Such fun!!

13 Mar: We had an early morning walk on Bodmin Moor, haven't had one of those in a while, it was great!

27 Feb: Brrrr, it's so cold. Great for me though because I can go outside and I don't need a towel dry, I'm still clean when I come in, just like Summer! Reka doesn't like the cold, she has a bright yellow jacket to keep her warm ... or is that so my people can see her?!

15 Feb: I introduced Reka to Golitha Falls. Such a great place with so many paths to explore and, lucky for me, my people went into Inkie's so we had food at the end. Perfect!

7 Feb: I like my new pal, Reka! She doesn't play with me which is a shame but she doesn't want my toys either so I still have them all to myself! And, even though she snores (really loudly) I do let her sleep on my sofa.

2 Feb: Well, my people returned this morning and with them was a little dog called a Border Terrier. Her name is Eureka (but they call her Reka ... Bob and Reka, I kind of like the sound of that!), she comes from somewhere called France, is a little older than me, and so far she seems ok. I will let you know more soon!

1 Feb: Well, my people's people came to look after me this week and I have had a great time. Walks at Seaton Beach, Golitha Falls and Bodmin Moor and loads of play in the house too. I love it!!

13 Jan: Golitha Falls in the rain! It was still great fun and we went to Inkie's for lunch afterwards! I'm such a lucky doggy.

12 Jan: Another day, another walk on the moor. I love Bodmin Moor, there are so many places to sniff, hills to climb, views to look at (not that I do that but my people do!) and sheep to look longingly at - I am a good dog and don't chase them, to be honest they scare be a bit!

1 Jan: Happy New Year!

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